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All things New York







Sex and the City, Friends, Seinfeld, these are all the shows that define New York, and for many people, New York is America. But what is American cuisine? That is a question I have a hard time answering. Its te same with Singapore cuisine. I can’t quite pin it down. Southern bbq perhaps? But the answer became little clearer as I found myself wandering through Central Park. Hot dogs, pretzel, bagels and pizza. Sure, perhaps not entirely reflective of America’s cuisine as a country, but bagels, hot dogs are as New York as the Big Apple will let them be. So it really wasn’t difficult to convunce myself to eat a hot dog while lking through literary walk even though I knew that the ketchup would eventually rind a new home on my jeans and leave my hands a sticky mess. After all, what else can you do when you find yourself in New York on a nice sunny day?
A New York hot dog is also the easiest meal to make. EVER. You can grill the dog, or boil it in water. The key I the ketchup. Stick the grillled dog in the bread, spread ketchup generously and lunch is served.



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