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I love my electric steamer

I’m not afraid to admit it. I can’t live without my electric steamer. I’ve had one since college. Granted, its undergone several versions (I think I’m on steamer number 5). I pretty much buy a new one every time I move to a different city and until the replacement from Amazon gets there, I live on instant noodles. I don’t own a rice cooker, and I can’t cook rice using a normal pot on a stove. I burn the rice and set of the fire alarm. So to avoid the nice firemen coming to my house, the first thing I do once my boxes are moved to my new place, is to haul my computer and connect it to the World Wide Web, go to Amazon and buy a new electric steamer. It has to be, in my humble opinion, one of the must-haves in anyone’s kitchen. It is a life saver, especially for someone who can’t cook. I use it almost every morning to make breakfast. I put whatever it is that I want for breakfast in the steamer, set the timer, go take a shower, and by the time I’m changed and ready, the food is nice and hot and ready to be eaten (most of the time).

One of the dishes that I love to make using the electric steamer, is the traditional chinese steamed egg dish, and a rather posh/elaborate recipe of which can be found here. Steamed egg with minced meat is one of my mother’s specialties, and hers always comes out looking really nice and smooth like silk tofu. My maternal grandmother never puts enough water (at least according to my mom), so her steamed eggs always looks as if they have pocked mark on their surfaces, which is how mine turns out most of the time, because I almost always either steam it for too long or underestimate how much water needs to be added to the beaten eggs.  I absolutely love it and even though I eat it on a regular basis when I’m not home in Singapore, I devour it like a greedy pig at home whenever my mom makes it. It also means I go through egg on a very regular basis. For some people, pasta or casserole is their go-to dish. Steamed eggs with pork is mine.

Two beaten eggs, add the equivalent of 5 eggshell-full of water, and beat them together with 1 teaspoon (estimated) of light soy sauce, along with some minced pork seasoned with a punch of salt, steam it for a full 25-30 mins and serve with rice. Yum. Amount of mince pork added is dependent on how much meat you feel like having! Its absolutely delicious. I went to a Korean restaurant in Baltimore once where they serve the same dish as a cold appetizer. Cold, hot, tastes good either way!


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