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Re-working a recipe

While the Undergrads were staying in my apartment, SoldierBoy somehow convinced them that to repay me for housing them over Christmas, they should cook me dinner on Christmas Day, since unbeknownst to me, nothing is open on Christmas Day. We returned from Berlin on Christmas eve and made it back to my apartment with only 30 mins before Sainsbury was going to close. Even though Tesco’s was closer, I had run out of cash and only had a Sainsbury giftcard to buy groceries with. I didn’t think it fair to make them pay for groceries, especially since they are my guests and its my fault that my apartment was devoid of any food.

Anyway, they bought onions, garlic, chili, shrimp, vermicelli, white wine, milk, and pepper. For a minute there I thought they were going to cook with the milk, turns out they just want to eat cereal. I forget that there are Asians out there who are fortunate enough not to be lactose intolerant. Well, we had a great Christmas Eve with a surprisingly good meal of shrimp vermicelli. Surprising mainly because it was a boy who did most of the cooking. I don’t recall ever learning how to cook during my undergraduate days. I spent most of my meals in the school cafeteria since we were all on a meal plan. Or when I did live in my own apartment, I frequented the cafe downstairs or the various other restaurants around campus. When I started working, the deli-guy in the local grocery store knew me so well, he would just pack me dinner and send me on my way, leaving me to figure out what was for dinner only when I got back home.

Shrimp with rice

Although the children knew that they were only going to be cooking one meal, they picked up enough ingredients for more than that. At least, when they left, I still had a half-liter of milk, along with 3 cloves of garlic, two onions, two chillis, and two pears.I used the pears to make some pear crumble the other day, and used up some of the milk to make a marble arch cake (another disaster…it ended up being one sponge cake and one chocolate cake in the same cake tin). I also used the milk to make the Jamie Oliver’s Milk in Chicken recipe the other day. Well, yesterday, I thought I would try the AccountantBoy’s shrimp recipe except that I wasn’t really in the mood for making spaghetti so I used rice instead.

Per his instructions, I heated the olive oil in the pan and then I fried the prawns after seasoning them with a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper. When the prawns looked as if they were a little brown, I added in the chopped onions, chili and spring onions and a cup of white wine. I cooked it for about 10 mins (the spring onions looked a little brown) and I put the food on a plate. Then I proceeded to fry the rice that was a already cooked so that it could soak up whatever wine/pepper that was left in the cooking pan for about 5 mins and voila! Lunch was served. All in all, it wasn’t too bad for a first attempt. I think I put in too much chili though. My tongue was burning at the end of lunch and I had to down a glass of wine. I find that white wine goes very well with a spicy dish. It was quite easy to make, and didn’t require too much prep. So definitely something to keep in mind for the future.



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