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Enchanted Palace

So yesterday, I dragged JJ with me to Kensington Palace for the Enchanted Palace exhibit. I would very much like to say that I dragged him kicking and screaming, but honestly, the boy has been very accommodating so far. He’s like the kind of boy that is, unfortunately, forever labeled the best guy friend, but unless something drastic changes, will not be the ‘boyfriend’ for a lot of eligible young ladies. Half the time it will be because he’s too oblivious, the other time, he’s so nice to everyone that the young lady he likes won’t know that he’s actually in love with her!

I’ve been to many palaces (never lived in one! Haha) and this was by far the most strangest exhibit in a palace I’ve seen. Unlike your typical palaces where you are going there to ooohhh and ahhhh at the gorgeous tapestries, beautiful grounds, and amazing paintings, this exhibit was a little more interactive. For one thing, Kensington Palace is in Hyde Park, so the grounds are already more or less open to the public as a Royal Park. The exhibit was confined to only a few apartments within the Palace itself (funny how their apartments are so different from my definition of apartments!). But this exhibit had a modern artistic twist to it and I think it succeeded on many levels in making it approachable and fun to the public. For one thing, the lighting was kept deliberately low-key. And they had a little map for people to follow and you had to fill out a ‘dance card’ with the name of the 7 Princesses featured in the exhibit (remember the Grimm story of the dancing princesses who disappeared into the forest nightly, wearing out their shoes and driving the kingdom to bankruptcy?). There was a room of sorrows where they had a table filled with bottles of tears, a room of flight…all sorts of coolness.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten to bring my camera charger with me from Singapore and my camera phone is rather crappy 😦 So the images I have aren’t exactly the best, but at least they are something to trigger my memory when I’m looking through the pictures again!

Bottles of tears
Collection of things
Running away in the Room of Flight
Dancer in suspension


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