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Knightsbridge adventures

Last night, JJ and his friend, G, decided to come to London and spend the night. G was on her way back to Shanghai and JJ had convinced her that not only was it more economical to take a taxi from London to Heathrow (instead of Norwich to Heathrow), it would be more fun. He apparently hooked her onto the idea with the promise of bubble tea and ice cream fondue. Thankfully the supervisor at the charity store where I volunteer decided to let me off early so I ended up joining them for dinner as well. We found a Singaporean restaurant in Chinatown that was passable I guess. The food was pretty expensive. But then again, everything in London was expensive. Prior to that, we spent about 2 hours trying to find this Marc Jacobs bag that G’s mom wanted. We didn’t get the one she wanted, but did find one in the right color, just not the right design. G decided it was cute enough that if her mom did not want it, she would keep it. By the way, the Marc Jacobs boutique store on Mount Street was amazing. Now I know why his bags are so dreadfully expensive. But people like me can only salivate over such gorgeous gorgeous bags. I’m simply too careless to be allowed to own anything like that even if I have the money (which I don’t) to buy them. I finally understand the appeal of a Marc Jacobs bag. sigh. It was my first time in Knightsbridge area though. It sure is posh. But again, nice to look at. But the lives that are led there are only for me to look at, not to live. It will probably drive me crazy. I imagine Hugh Grant’s baby’s mama is probably staying there enjoying her nice posh life. But to be honest with you, I sort of feel rather sorry for her too. Its like you have the fairytale ending, without the fairytale that came with it.

Speaking of fairytales, I’m officially hooked on Grimm and Once Upon a Time. Grimm reminds me of a little bit of Supernatural. But anyway, its very different from Once Upon a Time. Grimm is a show about a modern day Grimm whose ancestors profiled the creatures in the fairytales we heard about while growing up. Obviously, the original Grimm stories were not as sprinkled with Disney dust and were a lot more, erm, grimm, but the show doesn’t really do anything original (in my opinion) but its a nice show nonetheless.
Once Upon a Time, on the other hand, did a Wizard of Oz twist on the whole fairytale land stories. They made all the characters in our old familiar fairytales 3-D characters with personality. I know that in this modern day and age, parents are so worried about giving their children unrealistic ideas of the world around them, they worry about disney-fying their lives, or obsess about the kind of image that they will impart by letting their children read fairy tales. But honestly, I’m glad I had the opportunity to grow up with the Disney movies, read the disney-fied Grimm stories (and non-disney-fied ones as well), Enid Blyton (anyone remember the wishing chair??) because when I read them again today, I remember how lovely my childhood was. The most important part of all of that is that my parents were there to read them to me. And now when I read those stories again, I feel like I’m safe, regardless of where I am in reality. Watching all these reimagined tv shows does not feel like sacrilege, it feels intelligent. Like someone in the TV world finally decided that all these stupid reality shows was an assult on our collective intelligence and imagination and decided to do something. Good for you! whoever you are 🙂



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