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One of the coolest things about studying and living in a city that is as old as London, is having the opportunity to have my classes in really old creaky buildings that used to be someone’s house.

Yesterday evening, I had my last health policy class in a house in Russell Sq, that is now part of Birkbeck college. The classroom we were in was very clearly an old grand ball room. The grand windows, the ornate walls, the very expanse of the space. If I close my eyes and imagined all the tables and chairs away, I can almost imagine Virginia Woolf dancing on those wooden floors (if she danced of course), or even Jane Austen chatting with a potential suitor on a settee.

The result, obviously, was that it took all of my willpower to actually pay attention to my seminar leader. haha.



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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