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hold on to 16 as long as you can

Honestly, anyone looking at my life would think that I probably have been 16 for the past dozen or so years. Its a mess. Its immature. And apparently I still haven’t learn my lesson. I’m re-applying to peds residency. I sent my personal statement to the RussianPrincess for a critique. What she had to say was a shock to say the least. She felt that I was being too honest. That admitting I felt I was in over my head, was career suicide. Is it really? Should I lie on my personal statement? After all, omitting what I know is the truth is the same as a lie of omission isn’t it? I didn’t kill a patient, in fact, I can probably be faulted for being overly cautious. I wasn’t terribly nice to be my interns when they placed my patients at risk. I know I have a temper, but I’m not a psycho. Shouldn’t I be upfront about it and acknowledge that I know its a problem but that I’m working on it?

In the meantime, I went to the chocolate festival yesterday at Southbank. Aussiegal was totally having a bad day after having a bad argument with Drummerboy and she is afraid that they might have broken up. Honestly, after a long talk with her, I think a break is what they need. Maybe they are meant to be together but I think the both of them need some breathing space. Oh yeah, I know. I’m still single. I have some issues too so maybe she shouldn’t listen to me. But if you feel as if you are being emotionally pushed by someone all the time, I think you will agree that you need a break too, yea?

Messages of Christmas
Flowers for my lady?

Anyway, after grabbing some samples, all three of us (RomoIndianchic, Aussiegirl and I) sat down to some cooking demo. Yea. You can cook with chocolate. We saw some lady make some macaroons. And while they may be delicious, I don’t think I’m going to be signing up for lessons anytime soon. But Steve Walpole. Dang. If I have money, and if I was in Essex, I would probably sign up for a couple of lessons with him. For one thing, he’s entertaining. The food was delicious. And honestly, for someone like me, I want to learn how to make good food, at the beginner’s level and he sure made it look easy-peasy. He mentioned that he’s a consulting chef with British Airways. Erm, last time I travelled with BA, I wasn’t offered any food. Or drinks come to think of it. At least even Southwest gave me a free soda. Maybe BA thought I was too fat and needed a diet? Anyway, maybe SQ can convince this boy from Essex to cook for them too? I hope this guy has a cookbook that is as entertaining as the chef himself.

The Chocolate Man

In the meantime, my bad habits of watching tv incessantly are starting again. I’m letting my work slide. Not a good idea. But I’m feeling so damm depressed about this personal statement and how bad it is that all I want to do is crawl into some damm hole and hide.



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