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A weekend of History and Food

This has been a weird week if only because I had a day off from school due to the Union Strike on Wednesday. One would have hoped that I would have at least tried to catch up with my school work. Apparently the laziness that I had so carefully cultivated from my undergraduate days refuses to leave and I have accomplished nothing again. A girl from my class is currently homeless and stayed with me for two nights, and might be staying with me for a couple more days next week. But other than those little disruptions to my life, I really have no excuse.

Still, if one doesn’t study, one must at least have some fun right? Other than getting on with my bell ringing lessons, I finally watched La Boheme at the Kings Head Theatre Pub. While it was strange to listen to the opera in its English and updated version, I thought that the group did a really good job of fully making use of the fact that the opera was being staged in a theatre that is in a pub. The second act of the opera actually took place in the pub area which I thoroughly enjoyed and the theater is very small so there aren’t (really) any bad seats. I also stayed to listen to some rock and roll in the pub. Apparently they have a live band there every night.

On Saturday, I decided to make a trip to the Borough market because well, I really wanted some (good) jam. Met up with some people from the school, and also happened to bump into the CanadianHusky and the AsianJuliet and some of her friends. It was a little strange because I thought the CanadianHusky is still with his gf from Alberta, but then I saw AsianJuliet kissing him on the lips goodbye when we parted. The kaypoh in me could not resist so I had to ask. Turns out that he hasn’t broken up with the gf in Canada, but has also been dating AsianJuliet for a while. *oops* talk about a messy situation. He did point out that it is a really bad idea to move to Europe while your girlfriend continues to stay in North America. *cough* Oh well, I have to say that I wasn’t surprised. I’ve kinda been suspecting it since the LSE party that something was going on between them. I hope they sort it out soon, with as little pain as possible for all 3 involved.

Anyway, we went to the Imperial War Museum. I have to admit that I’m really ashamed that I have yet to visit it. The exhibits are truly impressive. I went to the Holocaust exhibit. I left feeling really gutted and I wondered if true evil really exists. Can Science explain all of the evilness that was on display? I wonder why we don’t have a museum similarly dedicated to the massacre that occured during WWII in SEA? I need to return for a second visit.

And of course, the dinner party. I was hosting the potluck party for the class because I’m the only one who lives in a 1bedroom, with no roommates or landlord. At first I thought that all I had to do was provide the location. But then I thought that I probably should try to at least provide some nourishment. I baked a marble cake (ok, attempted to bake…it was kind of a disaster), bought wine from Sainsbury (25% for 6 bottles! I don’t think my 100quid giftcard is going to last for very long), a whole chicken (which I had to bake in my own oven and still came out uncooked after 1 hr…argh!), and chocolate cake from M&S (yum!). Although I was initially rather nervous about having people over in my rather sparsely decorated apartment, it turned out rather well. We all had a lot of wine and there was a lot of food leftover (food waste alert!). EVERYONE refused to take food back. Sigh. But I did keep the vegetarian chili which I swear I’ll eat. Baby steps right?

Unfortunately, after drinking so much wine, I’m now very painfully hungover, sitting in Starbucks, and contemplating buying more starbucks tumblers since they are half price today. sigh. Decisions!



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