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Foggy London Morning


I woke up this morning, and for some strange reason, decided that I should go for a run. OK, not exactly strange. Just a little out of the ordinary. But unless if I want to start shelling out some sterling pound for new trousers in the near future, I really really need to lose some weight. Pronto.

Anyway, I didn’t really notice how foggy it was until I was out on the main road. And then I hesitated at the junction because I couldn’t really see very far out into the distance, and not being a regular outside runner, I was afraid of getting killed by a car. After all, I get hit by cars simply by walking, in broad daylight, with no fog.

Well, I took the plunge anyway. After all, we are in the fall. And I actually bothered to change into running clothes. Seemed a pity to waste all that effort. So I ran. I basically didn’t have a route and just ran/walked into alleys and roads whenever I felt like it or if I saw a house I liked and wanted to peek into their windows. And then I started noticing the spiderwebs. I’m not sure about you, but I”m not the biggest fan of spiders ever since I had to treat my first brown recluse spider victim. And then there was that giant spider from the Harry Potter films. I mean, the books described them rather graphically but I really wasn’t truly scared of them until I saw the damm movie. And its taken me a while to adjust to having 2 spiders share my bathroom ( I really didn’t have the heart to flush both Harriet and Henry down the water pipes so as long as they swing themselves out of the way when I”m trying to shower, I ignore their continued presence in my life).

But the spiderwebs that I saw today, reminded me of E.B. White’s Charlotte’s web. Its so beautiful in the foggy morning light with the dew drobs dripping off them. I couldn’t help myself and ran back to my (cold) basement apartment to retrieve my camera to take a couple of snaps. At times like these, I wish I have a better camera. And better photographic skills. *moan*




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