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Mills and Boon

Does anyone remember the Mills and Boon romance series? My parents were very very lax with me while I was growing up so they didn’t really care what I was reading as long as I was reading. I think they figured that if they tried to ban anything, I would figure out a way to read it anyway. Well, for a while in my early teens (*cough* 11-12), we went to Australia for the first and I discovered Mills and Boon. It was mainly out of boredom really since EVERYTHING shuts down by 5pm (at that time) so we found a second bookstore while my parents were shopping for groceries our first Thurs there (actually, come to think of it, our only thurs in Brisbane Gold coast beach area), and I found a second hand book store and spent my entire allowance on books. I think I read all 15 books during that vacation. Don’t worry, the requisite trips to the various theme parks, and beach were all done as well. After that, I went through a phase where I read nothing but mills and boon. Each book was very formulaic (its always the guy’s fault), but it was a quick read (a half hour at the most). And the Indian second hand bookstore in marine parade stocked plenty of time so there was really no question about not being able to get my hands on one. Then I discovered Issac Asimov and well, Mills and Boon went out the window.

I’ve been visiting the local library here in Angel, and imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only has Mills and Boon been dilligently keeping their many sex-starved fans busy, the library has at least 3 shelves devoted to them. I haven’t borrowed any, but I envision that as I try to be a cheap-skate and spend as much time in the library (for the heat), I’ll probably find myself reading a couple in the very near future!



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One thought on “Mills and Boon

  1. Honestly, I didn’t start reading them until my late 40’s as I was raising my two children. Then I was laid off from my job, had time on my hands and I started reading them. Mills and Boon romance and Harlequin is big business here in North America, the UK, NZ and AU. In fact all over the world. Google them and you’ll see just how much of a success they are all over the world.


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