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Irresponsible things I have done recently

a) bought a lot of food from the chinese supermarket even though I know it will just sit in the cupboard and on my conscience
b) bought a pair of flowery trousers from Topshop even though I am clearly broke and living on my last 30quid.
c) bought a skirt (free people) and a pair of white geox shoes (it was 1quid!) from the salvation army (see point (b)
d) watching downton abbey episodes even though I clearly should be working on my politics paper, or at the very least, trying to catch up on my FPHN readings.
e) craving another bottle of wine. seriously, is drinking 2 glasses of wine a day when living by yourself really that bad?
f) really really want to buy another pair of jeans. I have 2 pairs to last me through the week. weather is getting too cold for skirts. oh why oh why did i buy a skirt from the salvation army instead of a pair of jeans?

i am ashamed. very very ashamed.



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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