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Stock taking

ok, so today was daylight savings time. Which meant that the clocks in London were all moved backwards by an hour. Because I am no longer gainfully employed, have no TV or internet at home, I apparently had no idea. So I woke up at what I assumed was 6.30am (it was not) and pottered around making breakfast, went for a run …and counted the number of clothing I had in order to ease the anxiety I was developing over the differences in time shown on my mobile (see? I am becoming more British) and my watch. Sometimes having a watch is not the most useful thing in the world…and to think I was thinking about getting a clock. Anyway, I have 6 jackets (outerwear), 1 blazer (can be outerwear…but I’m not counting it as such), 11 cardigans, 4 skirts (1 long, 2 medium, 1 very short), 6 pairs of trousers (honestly its 2 pairs of Target pregnancy trousers and 3 pairs of jeans and 1 pair of corduroy trousers–notice how British I am getting! Trousers instead of pants!), 4 dresses, 4 buttoned down shirts, 15 shirts/blouses, 6 camis and 11 jumpers. Now if I am good, what I have should last the entire school year and I won’t be adding to this treasure trove of goodies. And if I am very very good, I should be able to reduce my wardrobe by 1/3 (that’s not counting all the colored tights I also own). But if I am bad, I will be adding on to this. So even though I found a really pretty Zara dress in Oxfam that really fitted me, and totally my style, I WILL NOT BUY IT. In fact, I will not buy anything (second hand or otherwise) until I have worn every single article of clothing (minus the tights) in my current wardrobe at least once!

oh, I am also sitting in Starbucks (again) even though I actually went for 2 whole days (!) without it over the week. I’m blaming it on the confusion over DST. I swear, if they start charging me for a shot of peppermint when the holiday drinks special start, I am totally going to swear off Starbucks and stick with tea. *gulp*



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