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alright, so you may not know this. But I’m not a baker. Nor am I a cook by stretch of the imagination. In fact, the only time I ever go to the kitchen is to grab a glass of water (ok, maybe not water, more like a glass of wine), or some ice-cream from the freezer. But that’s about it. So imagine my surprise (and I’m sure my aunt’s) when I suddenly announced that I wanted to bake my own cake. In my own kitchen. In my own apartment. Granted, its a rented apartment. But I’ve never had my OWN kitchen before. I’ve always had roommates, and I’ve always felt like I was a guest, even in my own apartment, so other than the necessities like cooking ramen noodles, have never really thought about doing too much in the kitchen. Granted, baking something might be easier if I have a kitchen that has measuring cups and spoons and baking trays. Still, undeterred, I ventured into Sainsbury. After picking up the measuring stuff and a baking tray (disposable), I went to the baking aisle. And will you believe it? They now make pre-made Baking Mixture. Some of them, you can just put the mixture, add in some water in a cup, toss it in the microwave and voila! Cupcake! Literally. I believe if they had this in my day when I was still taking home econs (by this I mean, about 2 decades ago), my home econs teachers might probably still have their own hair on their heads. Anyway, I know I cheated because I did not bake this from scratch but honestly, I can’t wait to eat this even though this is probably one step down from just buying the damm thing (probably might be cheaper too if I think about it) because this is probably as domesticated as I’ll ever be!



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