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Steve Jobs is dead, and so is the economy

Ok, not trying to be callous here. But the man had pancreatic cancer. Its one of the deadliest cancers in the world, with only a 5% survival rate after 5 years. Am I surprised that he has died? Nope. I think I’ve been waiting for it for ages. But then again, I don’t own an Apple computer or shares so I don’t really have anything invested (personal or otherwise) in the man or his company. I do, however, feel very sad for his family. But then again, I feel sad for anyone who has had to lose any of the members of the family, especially at such a (relatively) young age.

As for the economy, well, it seems that all the politicians are doing is mourn the dying (or dead) economy. The Guardian and BBC report daily speeches from the British government extolling their people to work and beat the current economic downturn and to ‘repay our debts’, with the exception of the one day when one of the MPs (May? I think) made (I think) a rather ridiculous assertion that an illegal immigrant managed to avoid deportation with the use of a pet.

That said, I’ve been here almost 3 weeks. Oh wait, I have been here 3 weeks. In the 3 weeks, I have been made 16,500 quid poorer (school fees), found an apartment that is at least twice more than what I can afford, made 2 new friends, gained a dress size, and realized that the REAL reason why I have never lived alone until now is because I can’t cook, clean or make a home look live-able. BUT, I have been able to figure out that if I sit very patiently in Starbucks, I can watch Doctor Who (what IS his name? IS that the question that must never be asked?), Downton Abbey (oh Mary Mary Mary…you sweet sweet creature. Time to shed the English aristrocratic reserve and tell him how you feel!). I also think that the big blue police box is either a relic of the past or is simply an imagination of the BBC. I also can’t find a job. But then again, that doesn’t seem to be a new thing at all. Apparently I have to get a national insurance number. And its legal for me to work. I just have to figure out how to get the number. And find a job that is also compatible with school. Any ideas anyone? The library had no more open positions *sad face*.



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