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The Sua ku Goes to town


Seeing that this is my last trip to Singapore as a citizen tourist, I dragged my poor mother to the “new” Marina Bay. Ok, so Marina Bay is not exactly new since its been around since erm, well, a long time ago. But when I was growing up, Marina Bay was newly reclaimed land waiting for the day it was safe to actually start building stuff on it. I still remember going with one of my dad’s friends to go there to fly kites (he’s now the President of the National Kite Flying Association). Of course, Marina Bay is now Marina Bay Sands, complete with a fancy flying wheel and fancy casino resort. I must admit, I don’t really remember the reasoning for why its acceptable for the casino to be at Marina Bay even though I was strongly under the impression that the casinos must be ‘off-shore’ (hence casinos on Sentosa Island). Anyway, I thought I should go because I really wanted to see the new Boardwalk and walk across the Double Helix bridge. I mean, they named a bridge after DNA! And so like the suaku that I am, we went to Marina Bay sands using Bus 133!


And to be honest, it was quite fun! For one thing, I got a fantastic view of Singapore’s skyline. In the past, you had to take the bus to go on the highway just to see that view, but now we can take our time and walk! The view at night was incredible. And I also came to the realization once again that children love water. Kids are always running around trying to “catch” the water as it shoots out from the floor.

IMG_2331CIMG2754CIMG2743IMG_2344Singapore skylineCIMG2758IMG_2346

We also went up to the Chocolate Bar in the evening. Chocolate buffet with 52 different types of chocolate dessert! Yum. IMG_2408

It was a rather cool experience but going there for dessert also meant that we got a chance to walk along the “big ship” on top of the building. The view there at night was really pretty.

IMG_2361 IMG_2406IMG_2379IMG_2366IMG_2381


And the chocolate was not bad either! We also had dinner at Din Tai Fung. They had some fancy new xiao lung bao with truffles “flown in from Paris”. It was good. *yum* Oh, and the secret to making xiao long bao is that you have to put in the frozen balls of soup on the dumpling BEFORE you steam it. The big question now, of course, is where do I find those balls?


I also went to the Science Alive museum. BUt I’m going to leave that post for another day. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the museum as much as I did…but if you are in town while the Van Gogh Alive! exhibit is still going on…GO!



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