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Doctor Who Season 6

I just want to state for the record that there are plenty of reviews about the current season of Doctor Who by people who are much more qualified than I am to write a review of anything. I also want to state for the record that we are stuck with a cliffhanger until Autumn. I also want to state for the record that while I’ve been a rather lukewarm fan of the 11th Doctor, I’m really warming up to him now. And Dr. River Song. Amy Pond and Rory Williams (I mean, couldn’t they have given him a more imaginative last name but I suppose all is forgiven since he is after all, known as the Last Centurion). But I can’t resist adding my 2 cents. Because to be honest, as a jobless person, I should be concentrating my efforts on finding a job since even though I’m overqualified (paper-wise), I’m also sorely undertrained, which makes my job prospects rather dim. Or I should be concentrating my efforts on completing this paper so that I can say I actually accomplished something. Nope. Instead, I’ve watched Doctor Who’s “A good man goes to war” (I think a better title would have been “Demons Run”) twice now in my effort to catch all the nuances of the episode and I’m seriously considering re-watching the entire season to make sure I haven’t missed anything. I also have to confess that my favorite episode to date remains “The Doctor’s Wife” (which I really will probably watch again just simply because I loved the dialogue so much). oh you know what? Who am I lying to. I think I’m just going to watch the entire season. Again. Oh, and I just found this video of Red Nose Day 2011. Its hilarious. Its really worth watching.

I know that there are 2 camps out there regarding this episode: those who love it, and those who don’t. But to those who don’t, have faith. I’d like to think of this episode as the first half of a potentially good movie and while it kind of sucks that we have to wait an entire summer before we get to see the other half, I’m really expecting it to be quite good. Unlike the previous seasons, the past two seasons are really relying on the audience to keep watching because each episode leaves a different clue that eventually leads up to the season’s finale. Correct me if I’m wrong, but there were definitely times in the prior seasons when it didn’t matter if you watched it out of sync, and that was fine with me since I was watching random episodes as and when I could get my grubby hands on it. But the past two seasons, things simply did not make sense if you didn’t watch it in sequence, this season, more so than the last. I also want to add that I love having Rory Williams as the companion to the Companion of the Doctor, although sometimes it is difficult to tell who is the Companion. Rory and Amy make such a cute pair, and together, they are the Companion to the Doctor, although Amy is rather possessive of her Doctor.



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