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eat, pray, love

ok. So I was thinking that the book Eat, Pray Love was going to be one of those sappy romance novels best read on a long plane ride or perhaps a long layover (ah-hem, thanks Continental for switching my flight so that I now have a 4hour layover in ORD instead of the nice quick 1hr I was hoping for). But when my Russian Princess started gushing about the book, I figured…oh well. Might as well read it now. I mean, she read the book and watched the movie and still decided the book was better (isn’t it always?).

I swear, it took me about 2 weeks to get past the first 3 chapters. It was so … whiny. But I ploughed on because I kept hoping it would get better. Listen, if you are looking for a sappy romantic novel, this isn’t it. There are ruminations on love, life, religion and a lot of yappy-ish advice. Which is kinda funny since the woman is like maybe 4 years older than me and my life i more of a mess than her so I probably should do what she did and find my happiness. Except of course, I’m not some genius writer with money to spare and time to use it. Nope, I’m a resident in a hospital getting paid peanuts (well enough to buy bags of peanuts anyway) to devote large chunks of my life in the hospital.

Aside from that, the writing is good. And she does bring some good points, especially the part about actively finding happiness and having to find a balance. But unfortunately, for me, its also that which brings down the whole book because it was just so …yuppy-ish. Its a state I suppose I can aspire to…but not one that is realistic. At least, I don’t think everyone will or can be fortunate enough to achieve that state. The lucky ones amongst us will probably not recognize that they need to achieve that balance and just magically find it. The unlucky ones are the ones that realize they need to find that balance so they have to actively look for it. Because those are the ones who will never be happy until they find that balance.



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