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Last time I checked, this is still my blog. Which means that I still write about …well, me and my feelings and my thoughts, right?

Yes, I realize that a terrible tragedy occured in Tucson this past week. So, to write about myself seems very selfish. The Tucson Tragedy is so fresh, the 24/7 media coverage makes it seem like the past week has in fact been a very very very long day stretched over a long week. Kind of like how one day lasts about 2 weeks on a daytime soap opera like “days of our lives”.

The Tucson Tragedy is now a notch in the timeline when people now ask “where were you when the Tucson Tragedy happened?” in the same vein that people recall what they were doing when “9/11 happened”.  When people ask me, I will probably look very grave and say “Well, I was post-call from L&D and rounding on a whole bunch of little babies in the special care nursery”. In truth, I found out about it when I went to the gym (post-call) and it was all over the news. And the coverage continued…and continued. I felt like it was 9/11 again. Except it wasn’t 9/11. But it is terrorism all the same. And like every person out there, I felt the sharp stakes of indignation by Sarah Palin’s use of the phrase “blood libel” (at least I hope so!). It proves once again that this ex-vice president candidate needs to either finish high school or at the very least, read a real newspaper.

But you see, this isn’t a political blog. I’m not a politician or a political scientist or even a student of political science. Its not that I’m not interested in politics …but I’m not qualified to really make intelligent comments about it. And so instead of adding fuel to the fire, I choose instead to educate myself by listening to the rhetoric of both sides. And try not to tear up every time I read about the tragic passing of a 9yo child, or the man who died while trying to save his wife from a maniac. Because in truth, in the past 10 years, there have been at least 3-4 mass shootings by various people at various stages of mental stability. Wide spread media coverage, lots of public outpourings of grief and then … nothing. In the meantime, there are children dropped off in the ED, literally beaten to death by a relative or a relatives’ friend or the victim of a random drive by. But because it happens everyday, every night, there is no wide spread outpouring of grief. The grief shared is personal. Sometimes the only people who grief are the ones who are taking care of them because there is no one else left to grief for them.

I started out intending to write a funny story about my brief foray into the big scary world of online dating. Instead, I think I just wrote 3 paragraphs about a tragedy that I did not want to write about because I did not feel qualified to do so. I think I should stop now. Before I open another bottle of wine.



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