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cooking at 3am

I was post-call yesterday and instead of going to sleep, I went to the market and to the gym and came back with a bunch of stuff. Unfortunately, at that point, I got tired and decided that a post-call nap would be helpful. Erm, I fell asleep from 4pm and woke up only around 2am. sigh. I lounged around a bit. After all, its rare that I get to do that but by 3am, my hunger got the better of me and I went to the kitchen to make some dinner.

Having been inspired by the kitchen prowess of my RussianPrincess, I thought I would give cooking a real try. I got the recipe off Epicurious for braised chicken with moroccan spices with dates and tried to follow the instructions as closely as I could.

And here’s what I learned in the ensuing 2 hours:
a) it always takes longer than what it says on the recipe

b) prep! prep! prep! I think if I had just gotten all the ingredients together and prepped it properly, it might have been a lot easier. But then again, the recipe list did not list things like “olive oil” or “pepper”. Thankfully I had pepper but how the heck am I supposed to know what “sprinkle” means? oh yeah, I substituted olive oil for peanut oil (its the only one I have). My roommate has an unopened bottle of olive oil but I don’t think waking him up at 4am to ask if I can use the olive oil would have been a good idea…

c) it looks prettier in the pictures than it ever will on my own plate…(here’s the proof…)

d)There aren’t any recipes out there that call for cooking for a single person. This society is geared towards couples and families of four. A single person stands no chance. Not in rent, and certainly not in dinner reservations or homecooking ….

Oh yeah, instead of shallots, I used red onions namely because a) couldn’t find shallots in the market, b) no idea how shallots look like. I also forgot to add the almonds even though I bought them and they were sitting on the kitchen table. For some reason, I thought the plate was already messy enough..why add more stuff? Didn’t seem like the almonds were there for taste anyway.  And I still have no idea what to do with the cinnamon sticks. I mean, I put it in the sauce as directed but what do I do with them after that? Throw it out?

I also used some of the remaining sauce to fry myself some fried rice using left-over rice and chicken. That will probably be dinner tonight…or perhaps breakfast tomorrow morning.

And if someone can please explain to me what the heck tenting in foil is or better yet why you need to tent in foil, that would be awesome. thanks.


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