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I’m back in Asia. Hong Kong to be precise. Even though I had left very little room for any errors or delays, I did manage to make my flight from SFO to HKG. The only bad part of the trip was right in the beginning. As usual, I was booked on a southwest flight. I mean, almost every traveller in the US I know has been on a Southwest flight. Before they changed their policy where they started having numbers attached to the little alphabetical groups, you kinda just showed up and hoped to be at the front of the line esp if you either had some special reason for needing to deplane quickly or had huge hand carryon that absolutely required overhead space.

Anyway, these days, you have numbers. And for the most part, I think most travellers have been rather good with sticking with their assigned number. I mean, sometimes people jumped ahead one or two spots but that’s ‘cos the amount of space they assign for 5 people on those stupid poles probably fits only like 2 people here in the midwest and things kind of get bent out of shaped.

WELL, my flight to SFO was going to make a pitstop to Las Vegas, and this being Halloween weekend, I was expecting some shenanigans (and other than a few frat boy antics, really not too bad). What I wasn’t expecting, however, especially given the MidWest and Southern pride in their hospitality and manners, was rudeness. Plain pure rudeness. This one lady who had a B45 was standing in the grouping for B1-5. She and her friend (who was a B15) were planning on boarding the flight as if they were B1 and 2 and betting that the boarding attendant won’t give a crap. Which honestly, for the most part, I normally won’t say anything. But COME ON, she’s a B45. Even if you are trying to jump the freaking queue, try to be a bit more discrete about it! And this being the last flight to Vegas on a FRI NIGHT, was clearly full. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and thought that perhaps she wasn’t aware of the rules and tried to explain it to her and she said “maybe someone should mind her own business” and acted like I was in the wrong (and in case you are wondering, I was a B31 and was first in line of the B31-B35 pole). And of course she got away with it because the attendant wasn’t paying attention (I still think its possible to board a flight that isn’t even the right flight and no one would bat an eyelid) and then she had the cheek to complain about it to a fellow passenger once she got on board (I heard her!). The worst part of it is that a family of 3 with a 4yo boy had to sit separated because they were unfortunate enough to be B25. Now, if she had followed the rules, then perhaps that poor boy won’t have been crying for his dad the ENTIRE FLIGHT.

Am I perhaps being unreasonable in being so pissed off about this whole incident??



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