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I was in the gym this morning (a rare enough occurrence that somehow bears some sort of commemoration, don’t you think?) when a flashback of the past started to hit me. When we were kids in primary school, we didn’t have dedicated phys ed teachers. I can still remember tall spindly but stately Miss T walking us down the stairs to the track for our phys ed class. Miss T also doubled as our English teacher, and Math and Science teacher. I think she was fine with multiple hats she had to wear except for maybe the phys ed one. She would walk us down the stairs in trousers and a blouse. Very much like what I would wear when I’m working in the hospital and in oxford shoes. Not exactly what one would expect out of a physical education teacher, eh?

That said, I doubt very much that my physical prowess would have been very much different even if we had a ‘real’ physical education teacher taking charge of our physical health because to be honest, I’m a rather lazy sort of person. Come to think of it, I think its a miracle I actually graduated from college at all. My brain needs a bit of a workout but its grown all rusty from lack of use that even though its sorely needed right now, the wheels are barely creaking. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been feeling so out of sorts lately…and perhaps that’s why I keep thinking that it might be time for me to re-think my career options?



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