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True enough, I really did jinx myself. LOL. The morning after (around 5am) I got a call saying “surprise! you are on call tonight. Not too bad except this time round, I’m the supervising resident. Always a bad sign namely because I don’t know the floor well and there were a lot of sick kids involved. It was clearly not going to be a good day. And i really did turn out to be a semi-disastrous night. Although I had at least one intern (who unfortunately was left alone most of the night), I was the only resident on the other floor. During which I’m sure I did a crappy job. The only good thing was the two kids that I thought would definitely not do well …well, did not crash.

Except I got a page on my way to clinic today asking me to see the Chiefs. Never a good sign. Now I wonder what I did. Definitely not a good sign. And given all this stupid crap that has happened so far, I’m really really not looking forward to this surprise meeting.



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