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sumiko tan got married

Yes, Sumiko Tan got married last weekend. But, Erm, no. This isn’t a post about Ms. Sumiko Tan now becoming Mrs. Sumiko Quek. Although I have to admit, its been rather fascinating amusing watching my stats go up simply because people are using variations of the search terms “Sumiko Tan wedding”. Not that I’m not fascinated with the fact that Singapore’s Carrie Bradshaw most famous Single Person is now perhaps Singapore’s most famous Married Person.

What is this post about? Many things and nothing all at the same time. Its been a fairly tough couple of weeks. Not hours wise since I’ve actually been able to sleep in my own bed almost every night with the exception of the weekend I went to New York for my Russian Princess’ wedding shower. That, in itself, is a rare luxury in the midst of residency I can assure you. But its been tough because emotionally, the heme/onc rotation was tough. And yet I find myself thinking that it would be kinda cool to be a peds heme/onc specialist. But again, I wonder if it is a passing phase, one that came because it was the first rotation of the academic year, a phase that arrived simply because I liked the attendings I was rotating with.

Who knows.

Right now I’m on my adolescent rotation, a subspecialty I thought I would be interested in pursuing. I had always been interested in women’s health, something that isn’t exactly an issue in pediatrics, and yet, it is especially if you are 14 and preggers. I guess under the policy of emancipated minors, pregnant 14yr olds are no longer considered minors. But still…a lot of issues in women’s health can be pursued in pediatrics if I decide to pursue adolescent health.

I’m currently also on Jeopardy1 which means that I can be called in at anytime. Which sucks. I kept waking up last night to check my pager just to be sure that I did not miss a page. I wonder if I had just jinxed myself?



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