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Sumiko Tan is getting MARRIED

Of all the different news items that have caught my eye, the marriage announcement of Singapore’s most famous single gal is the only one that has left me slightly off balance. Ms. Sumiko Tan has been the perpetual single gal lamenting her status, yet always declaring her independence. She has been the quintessential modern Singapore girl. Headstrong, independent and erm, ‘lacking in feminine charm’ and refusing to peel the prawns for her partner. We’ve (well, I anyway) have read about her laments about being the token single gal in a pool of married ones, her lack of comfort with little children, the loneliness, the freedom, the bouts of nostalgia for simpler times…
well, now she’s getting married. And I hate to say this, I wonder if her column will be as interesting. After all, SATC was a fun romp, and I even enjoyed SATC1. But SATC2 sucked for a reason. Carrie got married. Married people may relate to her. But the rest of us? well…bye bye!
Still, I wish her all the best. Its not easy finding someone. Even harder is placing your trust in someone after learning to be on your own for so long.



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