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I arrived home in Singapore last Sunday. Since then, I’ve had chicken rice, char kway teow, olag, satay, chicken wing, dried mee poh. Basically, I’ve been eating my way around the Island. I’ve even had surgery, got my visa to return back to the US, and bought a bridesmaid dress (which is still pending the bride’s approval), and a wedding gift for my Russian Princess. Quite a lot accomplished in just a week. Except I have done none of the “zhen jing shi” including completing the manuscript, updating my hours and case log. After a whirlwind week, I’ve settled down into a sort of routine which includes a half hour walk in the AM, some breakfast and lots of lazing around during the day. I even finished watching “Little Nonya” (ok, I admit, I fast-forwarded through a lot of the more boring stuff, but the part where Tua Ji is trying to burn Yue Niang into a crispy Nonya and then suffering a stroke when she does the dramatic chinese thing of swearing she’s never done anything wrong “ru guo wo zuo cuo duo bu qi ni de shi, tian da le pi” aka may lightening strike me if I have done anything to wrong you was awesome!).

Unfortunately, in a week, its time to fly back to the US. I’m not ready.



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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