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another wedding

With the number of visits I have been making to Chicago recently, one might be forgiven for thinking that I actually like the city. Unfortunately, I am but a fair-weathered fan of Chicago. Love it in the summers, hate it any other time, and by any other time, I mean the part of the year spanning from Oct through April.

Anyway, another friend of mine got married. When I failed anatomy in the most miserable way possible in my first year of medical school and had to spend my ‘last’ summer re-taking anatomy, it turned out to be one of the better summers of my life. I met the MSTP boys, as well as their token girl. They were a load of laughs and that was also where the Princess and I became fast friends.

Well, one of those boys got married this past weekend. That makes two of them now. I think a 3rd one is later this summer. And the best man for this particular wedding (he had a great speech by the way) is probably on his way soon. I even found out that the token girl recently got engaged too! She was so cute and shy about it.

The wedding itself was interesting. When I knew the groom, he wasn’t exactly the most religious person I had ever met. But he converted to being a Lutheran for his (now) bride. I knew only because the priest (or is it a reverent) mentioned that he was recently baptised. The service was a little long in my opinion. But then again, I haven’t been to that many weddings. It was also fairly warm there so I think that was probably the reason why one of the groomsmen fainted! LOL.

The reception was held in a very brightly colored ‘fun’ place. It had all sorts of funky decor. Very Chicago. New-age-Vintage-y. They had a dessert tree. Yum. I really would like one for my apartment. Think they will let me steal theirs? LOL.

Well, the Russian Princess will be marrying her Shah soon. I can’t wait for August!



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