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Letters to Juliet

I was post-call today. My last call on the General Peds floor as an intern was potentially one of the worst ever. ok, not the worst, but definitely second worst. A screaming sickle child in pain on a potentially fatal dose of continuous dilaudid, another sickle cell disease patient with a vaso-occlusive crisis with new lower extremity weakness that could either be a) a stroke or b) due to pain and having to argue for an MRI @4.30am with the radiologist and neuroradiologist. SIGH.

Anyway, I’ve been dying to watch Letters to Juliet. I thought it was a cute story. At least, based on the synopsis. Plus I was post-call. Numerous studies have acknowledged that working for 30hours straight without hardly any rest is the same as being somewhat tipsy, if not drunk.

Anyway, I went to a matine of the movie, alone. Yeah. Sad. I know. But I Went. Clearly, an insanity plea is being carefully crafted here.

The movie was horrible.

Yes, it had its moments. The views of Tuscany, and Verona? Gorgeous. Hell, they were the best part of the movie. I think if Italy ever needed someone to draw tourists to their cities, they should talk to the director of this movie. This movie was essentially a tour of the Italian countryside masquerading as a movie.

I LOVE LOVE Vanessa Redgrave. I thought she was great. But even she could not save the stinker of a chemistry between Amanda Siegfried’s Sophia and Christopher Egan’s Charlie. Oh goodness. I really hope his accent isn’t real because if it is, it is possibly the worst real fake English accent. EVER.  I mean, the premise of the movie is cute. Woman leaves a letter hidden within the walls of the famed Juliet Capulet’s house detailing how she left her great love because she was afraid she was too young, and she was afraid her parents would be angry. Then 50 years later, a romantic young woman, engaged to a man who is preoccupied with opening his new restaurant finds this letter, and so she replies to it. Only to end up tagging along with her and this woman’s grandson to look for this long lost love. Oh, and obviously this guy is a jerk (at least superficially), and they hate each other, only to fall in love with each other as the journey goes along. Totally chick-flick formulaic. Should totally work when one is post-call and just wants something light and airy to cheer her up right? NOPE. NO CHEMISTRY. You can’t have a romantic comedy/drama when there is no chemistry between the two leads. We can all accept a lack of acting skills, a weak plot even, but chemistry? NEVER.


In short, total waste of time and money. I will just wait for it to go to DVD or tv. And speaking of movies, I was originally going to sit out the SATC2 movie. But the new trailer makes it look rather promising. But given my latest choice in movies, I think I should wait it out. What do you think?




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