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Romeo And Juliet

I confess. I have been following the twittering drama of Romeo And Juliet like an obsessed fan. And I admit, the story of Romeo and Juliet plays out like some daytime soap opera but because its Shakespeare, we play homage to it on a regular basis. But if we are all being honest here, it is basically a chick-filck in Elizabethan language. Hence it makes this online adaptation such an interesting experiment. After all, we had a faithful adaptation by Zeffirelli in 1969 and another one in the 1996 by Luhrmann who actually made a rather fresh interpretation of Romeo’s death, and who can forget about the West Side story? But my oh my. This Shakepearean drama tragedy is being played out in real time on twitter. I still do not think that producers and directors have quite figured out how to use the online media to their full advantage yet because everytime they try (think about the Gossip girl blog or the blogs generated by the various personals at Seattle Grace Hospital), the blogs are so full of holes and ludicracity, its laughable. But you can’t blame them for trying 🙂



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