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wedding in Baltimore

Last night, I had the opportunity to attend the wedding of an old college friend. We had met when she started working in the same lab as me in her freshman year. She was, and still is, one of the nicest and bubbly girls I know. Actively involved in volunteer activities with APO, and with the college acapella group, as well as really intelligent and dedicated to her research. She, along with her husband will both graduate from medical school in a couple of months and move to Boston for their residencies.
When I first met her, she was always talking about this boy, in her acapella group, who sings really well. It was rather obvious, from the start, that she was smitten. What is important is that they did not start dating till senior year of college. Instead, they were friends all through college, and really took the time to know each other. In fact, you can say that they were the best of friends. They had to conduct most of their relationship long distance since she was attending medical school in the midwest and he stayed on here in Baltimore, but they made it work. And the two of them took a year off from school to spend a year on working on their relationship, as well as their respective careers. I think they both finally realised what all of us had known a long time ago: they were meant for each other.
And last night, it was official. They became man and wife in what has to be one of the sweetest and romantic weddings I have ever attended. It was an intimate ceremony in one of the most historic churches in Baltimore and the reception was in one of the most beautiful libraries in Baltimore. The food was great, and the couple managed to have a wedding that was fun and relaxed. It was a combination of old school wedding with modern technology.But you know what was the most important thing? She married her college sweetheart! They even wrote their own vows. And unlike some vows which were full of obscure quotes, and sound superficial and makes one wonder why they didn’t use the same vows that their parents had used and their grandparents had used, I really thought that their own vows were theirs. Their vows were so sincere and so obviously full of love that even the cynic in me went to a corner and wept.



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