Easter Hat watch

Over the past weekend, I went to Chicago to visit a friend who is currently in the early 2nd trimester of her pregnancy. Its strange because she’s so tiny to begin with and to see her pregnant is a very sureal experience. I stayed at a rather cute boutique hotel downtown called Hotel Felix. The room was rather small, but the location was great. Unfortunately, the walls were thin and there was a party going on next door. Thankfully the group left before midnight so I managed to get some sleep. Oh dear. I can’t believe that I just admitted I wanted to sleep before midnight even though I was in downtown Chicago. sheesh.

Anyway, the next day, I pretty much had it all to myself to spend since well, I think I might have exhausted the poor mom-to-be with a massage and shopping the entire afternoon the day before. So I kinda just walked around. I figured that it was Easter and so there should be a lot of well-dressed people in fancy hats. Unfortunately, the above picture was about as wild as it got. Maybe I really do need to go to the Kentucky Derby to see some real hat action.


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