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hooked on Kate Spade

I never knew that Kate Spade made jewelry. I knew she made bags. I mean, Chinatown New York is filled to the brim with her knockoffs. Jewelry? Never thought she designed them. And judging from the price of her handbags, figured that even if she did, they were probably really expensive.

Anyway, a close friend from Singapore asked me to get her a tiffany-blue bangle from Kate Spade a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, its  a lot cheaper to get it from the US, and then ship it to her in Singapore. Who knew? I certainly didn’t.  I did her the favor of course. Afterall, I’ve been buying Coach bags back home for relatives for ages. So why not a gorgeous bangle? Unfortunately for me, I started to become obsess with them. The idiom bangles are my absolute favorite simply because of the cute engraved little savings on the inside.

Bright Spot bangle from Kate Spade

and this one is also one of my favorites!

Kate Spade "Penny for your thoughts"

The engraved sayings are simply my favorite part of the bangle! And this one I loved simply because it was clever 🙂

And I can’t help but love love her more whimsical pieces like these:

"Star" bracelet

Of course, since I’m not getting married, I hardly ever wear rings but I think if I ever get one, this might be it!

mood ring



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