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when nothing goes right in the AM…

I cannot believe this. My completely incompetent landlord (Mark Jaffe of M Jaffe Realtors) decides that they are going to schedule the changing of the building boiler at 4pm on a weekday. They leave notices everywhere saying it is an “emergency maintanance issue” and that there will be no water from 4pm-6.30pm. Ok…why do it when EVERYONE is going to be home, having dinner, getting ready to sleep and rest from the day? oh well. Who’s going to question the wisdom of a professional handling the property right?

Well, surprise surprise. 6.30pm rolls around. Still no water. 7.30pm, I’m back from the gym. Still no water. By this time, I’m beginning to kick myself for not showering in the gym. 9.30pm. Still no water. Obviously, given that I have been working for the past 30 days without a single day off, 30hours every 4 nights, my patience, not to mention temper has been very thin of late. So I call. And call. No one picks up. Now, I may be wrong, but isn’t the lack of water an EMERGENCY? I don’t own a house for a very good reason. Not because I can’t get a mortage and get myself some property. But I don’t want to deal with the stress of having to deal with plumbers and all the random responsibilities that comes with having a house. That’s why I rent. And that’s also why I rent from a professional management company because who wants to deal with emotional stress associated with individual landlords?

Anyway, Mark also happens to be the owner of M Jaffe realtors. And he’s been screening my calls. And you know how I know? My roommate calls and gets an answer. When I call from a different phone, I get an answer. And apparently its because the plumbers (surprise!) can’t finish the work but have promised him that it will get done before they leave. Fine. Whatever. Sure, I have to get up at 5am so I can be at work by 6am and work for the next 30ish hours. But its ok, I’ll stay up a little later so I don’t have rotting teeth. But what I can’t stand is that I had to call and call and call and not get an answer. Sure, you are afraid I will be pissed. But you know what? SUCK IT UP. If I’m angry, apologize. Its called CUSTOMER SERVICE. And its YOUR FAULT. Not answering my phone calls only made me more pissed. And you know what happens when a renter is pissed? She ain’t going to rent from you no more. I’m tempted to not pay rent either. And if I was the only one living here, and if I had money for a lawyer (or better yet, am a lawyer myself), I’ll probably not pay and sue him for emotional distress. As it is, I’m going to pay. But guess who’s going to call the better business bureau? oh yeah. ME.



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