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no water in the apartment

I am getting very very sick of this apartment. Granted, its a huge apartment, and it has a laundry and dryer en suite which was what I wanted. I also wanted to live in an apartment that was managed by a professional company. But apparently M Jaffe Realtors isn’t professional enough. At the very least, the people who work there and who run the company are completely incompetent. In the winter, the apartment is barely heated. When I complained, their staff, a Ms. Tena Norwood sent me an email saying that the building association (made of a combination of apartments owned by them and privately owned) had decided to keep apartments heated at only 60 degrees. Erm, I have a thermometer. The apartment was at 50s for most of it but apparently its MY responsibility to make sure that the apartment windows are sealed. Erm, hello??!! If I’m going to be the one who’s going to make sure that the apartment is maintained properly, I might as well go BUY my own place, why pay rent? Oh. AND if there is no water, its not an “emergency”. WTF. I am so pissed that its not even funny. I can’t wait to move out.



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