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what does TLC stand for?

Ok. So I confess. I’ve been watching “Say Yes to the Dress” and “What not to Wear” secretly. Every time any one of my roommates catch me watching either of those two shows, I almost wish the sofa would eat me up (it doesn’t). But they are so corny and cringe-worthy, its fantastic! I LOVE IT. Of course, this doesn’t mean I follow any of the tips that the two consultants on WNTW recommend because frankly, who has the money to spend on a whole new wardrobe. I suppose given the number of clothes I have, all I need to do is sort out the stuff in my wardrobe, weed out any inappropriate clothing and I probably will still have a clinton-stacey approved wardrobe. But that would mean I will have to do laundry on a more consistent basis. And with SYTTD doesn’t imply that I want to get married (ok, maybe I do) or that I”m a little disappointed that I won’t be able to help with her wedding (or attend it for that matter) or that I would be there to help her pick her wedding dress (apparently, they are having a civil wedding so there wasn’t a wedding dress anyway), but just watching the hint of bridezilla peeking out is enough to make me sit through my roommate’s judging eyes. And also to risk not catching up on some much needed sleep!



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