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hair will grow

So, in another lame attempt to cross stuff off my 3-5 list as well as my 2009 resolutions (all unofficial by the way because if you have an official list, I do think you might actually feel compelled to complete them), I got a haircut today. Not that it was actually planned as a real resolution (the resolution was more along the lines of “change”) or real “things I should do before I turn 35” namely because I got the idea of going for a haircut yesterday, and decided, quite on a whim, that it might be nice to look like ginnifer goodwin and so I told the hairdresser to chop it all off and pointed to the most recent picture of ginnifer goodwin in her absolutely adorable pixie haircut. I did, I must add, have the good sense to add “but only if you think I’ll look good in it” and of course they decided that since it was such a non-paul-mitchell haircut, they simply had to give it a go. So 3 hours later, with the help of a very nervous student (did you really think that I would have enough money to actually pay for someone to cut my hair at full price??!!)and her two instructors (hence two different inputs…which resulted in me having a slightly different haircut from what I had anticipated), I walked out of the salon with hair that is very decidedly short. And if the camera on my lovely little gateway lt1000 would work (for some stupid reason, it keeps saying turn on camera when in the past, the camera just turns on by itself and i have no clue how to turn it on myself), I would post a picture. But then again, I guess the WWW can be spared the horrors. and in the meantime, if anyone knows how to fix the problem with my computer camera, PLS PLS tell me!!



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