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sex ruins everything

I think I heard that statement from a movie somewhere…or perhaps from a tv show. I don’t remember. I’m afraid that I have to agree. Sex, in any of its various manifestations, does ruin everything. But I think what the author of that statement should have said was that intimacy ruins everything. Kissing your best friend, the act of kissing being perhaps one of the most intimate part of any relationship, can ruin that relationship completely. I’ve committed that error at least once. And you would think in my old age, I would be wiser and that I would avoid such a pitfall especially since with age, I’ve been less adept at making new friends and I would actually want to keep my old friends. Nope. Went and kissed him. It. Ruined. Everything. So not only am I heart-broken since I know, deep deep inside, I know that he was only lonely and that was why he kissed me and not because he really cares for me in any romantic manner, hence making this another one of my one-sided failed romances, I can’t talk or moan to him about it. sigh. I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. argh.


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