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the perfect pair of boots

bootsI used to own the perfect pair of lace up booties by Rockport. I wore it for years. And yes, with my habit of shopping, it is quite a pleasant surprise to know that there are times when I will wear the same item repeatedly for a number of years. Unfortunately, the cobbled stones of Baltimore and cracked cement of Chicago wore the poor soles down and even the cobbler was sick of repairing my beautiful well worn pair of boots and they had to go. Its been 3 years and I’m still searching for the perfect pair. I own like 4-5 pairs of boots of varying lengths, but none can compare to my rockport boots. I’m still looking. Saw this pair here by LaCanadienne at amazon which is kinda cute but its close to $300…and then there is this other pair by “Everybody” which I think is rather adorable tooboots2 gromo everybody but let’s face it…at over $200 there’s no way I’m goign to end up getting it 😦  I’m still looking for the perfect pair so if you know of any that looks something like either of these two…let me know!!!


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