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brightly colored ankle socks….

ankle socks on Barbie
ankle socks on Barbie

So I was watching an episode of Ugly Betty last night (I actually stopped watching after the first season) and noticed that Ugly Betty was wearing the season’s latest trend of wearing brightly colored ankle socks with shoes/sandals. I’m still not quite sure how I feel about that trend. I mean, Urban Outfitter’s latest catalog makes that trend look really cool and understated and on the fashion runway, this Barbie look-a-like makes it look really pretty too (but wayyy too color coordinated). However, Ugly Betty as usual takes it to the extreme and paired bright yellow socks with green shoes. Granted, its Ugly Betty and she gets away with it because well, she’s the star of a comedy-drama show…but still! I’m not sure I’ll have enough guts to wear something like that (ok…maybe on Halloween?). What do you think?

picture from
picture from


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