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Love affair vs. An Affair to Remember

I never knew this but “An affair to remember” is a remake of “Love affair”. I can’t quite decide which one I like best. They both have their endearing features. And the dresses in both the movies are amazing. I wish I have the figure and the confidence to carry such looks off! But alas, we all know that is not going to be possible. Still, sometimes it is nice to dream.

I took a long walk to the art museum today. I found out that I did so terribly in the in-service exam that the program director wants to meet with me. This, in addition to the bad verbal report I received from the past couple of rotations, are simply adding to my dark mood. The little walk in the park helped a little.  But I am beginning to feel as if I will never be able to climb out of this dark deep hole that I find myself in. Its been one thing after the other and I am getting so worn down and I find it harder and harder to keep going. I am beginning to question if this is all worth it or if it is time for me to claim defeat.



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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