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red trucks blaring

Red Trucks blaring
Red Trucks blaring

Its my golden weekend. In the world of medicine, that means that I don’t have to work Sat OR Sun. *glee* Except I had a black weekend very recently and I’m thoroughly exhausted, both physically and emotionally. I went to the Taste of St. Louis with a few of my classmates but even that did little to cheer me up. It was fun but I left early because I really wasn’t ‘feeling it’. And then one of the girls tried to persuade me to go out last night but I was snuggled so warmly at home on the couch that I really did not want to leave. Besides, Funny Girl (staring Barbara Streisand and Omar Shariff) was on and I simply did not have the energy!

I promptly fell asleep of course anticipating a late late start to the morning and sleeping in as much as possible since I will be on call tomorrow. But alas! All my plans were dashed when at 5.15am the fire alarm went off. It took me quite  a while before I figured out it was the alarm. It wasn’t that I was still asleep…after all, I had awoken only a few minutes earlier to close the window (denial about the end of summer can take one only so far before the cold sinks in). But that loud blaring noise was somewhat dampened since all 3 of my doors were closed (yea, you read that right! I have 3 doors that lead into my room!!!). At first I thought it was the alarm clock which was somewhat of a rude shock since well the alarm normally wakes me up with some bach or mozart or hayden. Then I realised it was coming from the general direction of the two doors and the only thing I can think of that resides in that direction was the dsl modem. Erm, well, i didn’t set that thing up so I guess anything can happen?  Anyway, I picked it up and put it to my ear…nope. That wasn’t it. So I went out of my room and realised that the noise was coming from outside. Hmm…no smoke. Went back inside, grabbed a jacket and keys and went out. Went downstairs and realised there was no one there yet. Oh yeah..I live on the 2nd floor..makes sense that I will be the first one to be outside. Hmm…went back inside because I really needed to pee. oh yeah. Its a fire alarm, there could be a real fire but instead of running outside as if my life depended on it, I strolled inside to pee. sheesh.Well, on my way out, I grabbed my keys and waited outside until I saw my taxes in action.
By the time I went outside the 2nd time, there were more people there. Its surprising that people in this building actually know each other. I think I might have to start attending those board meetings or something. Or get a dog. Everyone came out with a 4 legged pet of some sort. The efficient ones just took their puppies for their morning toilet while waiting for the firemen to put out this non-existent fire.
Anyway, by the time we were given the ok by the firemen, it was about 6ish. I tried to go back to sleep with very little success and ended up watching Mad Love on TMC. gotta love old black and white movies!
What I have learned from this experience is that a) the fire alarm in the building is faulty b) I really need to find out where that old lady with the walking wheels lives because well, what if there really was a real fire?? c) Peter Lorre is really creepy in these old black and white movies!


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