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diplomacy is hard

for the past month, i’ve been working with someone that i have never liked working with namely because well, i don’t know. I just never did. i mean, i get along with him well enough outside of work but since medical school, i’ve always dreaded having to work with him. well, for the past month, i’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of working with him. and trust me when i tell you that keeping my temper in check has been as much of a struggle as it is to manage all the difficult patients that have found their way onto my service. and i have to shamefully admit that i have not always been successful. he’s not a mean person, nor, i hope, is he trying to be mean. but he has a way of speaking that is very condescending in manner. and most of the time i really don’t think he understands that there is no ‘i’ in team. and lecturing someone who is POST-CALL is simply bad form. of course, i could just be grumpy. maybe i’m the person who is difficult to work with. sigh. all i know is that i really hope i don’t have to work with him again. ever. ARGH.



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