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night out

After figuring out that I would never really sit down and finish the paper because I was already too tired, I decided to go to the birthday party afterall. But the idea of taking a cab out there by myself did not appeal to me at all so I called one of the fellow interns and asked her if she was going (hence, giving me a ride as well). By the time she decided she was going to go, it was around 9ish (the party started at 7pm) and by the time we (meaning her, me, another intern and one of the fellows) actually left to go to the party, it was around 10ish. We got to the party (located on a really dark street…seriously, I would be totally freaked out living there but it was a really pretty house), to find that everyone was playing flip cup out at the back. There were some really cute puppies too and the three musketeers were there as well. Around 11ish or maybe it was midnight, we headed out to Bar Louie. I actually stayed till around closing time (yay me!). The night was pretty interesting. I heard a lot of erm, stories. heh. I’m just going to wait and see how everything eventually pans out.

This morning was a different matter. I was soooo exhausted I really didn’t get anything done. I finally sent my supervisor what I had already written with the weak excuse of not being able to write the conclusion because I’m stuck. Which is true. But I’m stuck because I’m exhausted, not because I don’t know what to do 😦 Well, a bit of it is because I really don’t know what I want to say. But I’m sure that if I had done a better job of working on the paper during the entire year, I won’t be stuck right now.

Anyway, I just got sign out from the intern. Sigh. I think they really need to give us a class on how to give a good signout. And dang, she had a lot of patients. I can already feel a rising tide of panic. *breathe* someone please keep reminding me to breathe!



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