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photo failure

About a week ago, a fellow resident had taken me to the mall. She choose to use one of the smaller streets instead of the highway because, like me, she’s a new driver and isn’t too comfortable on highways. Anyway, we passed by this statue of a man on a horse. Well, men on horses, especially in America, are very common. From Boston to Baltimore to Cleveland, there are statues of various dignitaries on horses. After all, automobiles were not invented till the 1990s and the images of victorious America  and America the Brave have men on horses on them (remember Paul Revere and his shouts of “The British are coming!!” He did it on a horse!). Well, what was unique about this image is that the man on a horse is a fat man. I’m pretty certain its not of a true historic figure. But its just so different that I want to go back and grab a picture. Well, I woke up late today and since its a 2hr walk, I cannot do it since I have a clinic by 9am followed by what will probably be an extraordinarily long day at another clinic (made long by the infamous pediatrician there who is known to spend at least 1 1/2 with each patient). Anyway, I will definitely do it tomorrow since the only thing I have in the AM is Grand Rounds.

On another note, terribly angry at wordpress even though I have no intentions of moving my blog elsewhere. They suspended my account for violating some advertising policy. Well, guess what? Those policies weren’t in place when I first signed up to blog here and when they changed it…well, I didn’t take notice. Do they realise how many changes they keep making to their site? And if I violated anything, I think the least they can do is email me and let me know!! Give me some time to make changes!! But no, they suspended my account first. hmph. Not pleased. Not pleased at all. At least once I found out and emailed them, they lifted that suspension. So those little links to Ebates and Zipcar are no longer there. I’m no longer a zipcar member since there is no zipcar here but I had been planning on taking that particular widget down anyway since it made the page look ugly. But that’s not the point. I’m really kind of pissed at how un-customer friendly wordpress is and the worst part is I was thinking about paying for an upgrade (I wanted to upload more features and have more control over how this site looks) but after this little debacle, its making me re-think my options. At some point, I also need to update the links on my link column…but that will probably have to wait for another time as well.



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