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a weekend of shopping

I went shopping with a fellow intern yesterday since this weekend is a tax free back to school shopping weekend. Any article of clothing under $100 is tax free, at least state taxes anyway. But city taxes in select cities still count. But that’s at least 7.5%. Pretty substantial savings if you, like me, were planning on buying a computer. So after multiple failed attempts at trying to get a computer from online websites like or, I gave up and just went to bestbuy. Unfortunately, the models that I was initially looking at, specifically MSI Wind and Toshiba were sold out so I ended up with a Gateway. Which truth be told, so far looks and feels pretty nice. Its just about $150 more than I had planned on spending. sigh. I also bought a couple of articles of clothing. Clearly not the plan here but who can resist dresses under $15 ?? And in purple?? Clearly not me. sigh. Also had a rather expensive meal at Cheesecake but the red velvet cheesecake was definitely worth it. I just wish I didn’t order that rather expensive cocktail too. *gloom* I realise that it might be time for me to suck it up and start having a budget. I just don’t really know where to start…



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