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similar street names in different counties

In a terrifying moment of sudden independence, I decided that instead of taking a cab to the clinic where I was supposed to spend my morning yesterday, I thought I would walk there since a quick google search showed it to be only 3 miles away.  Ignoring the humidity and the heat and armed with my usual mug of a grande mocha with soy milk and peppermint, I walked across the park to the otherhospital found on the opposite end of the park where google-map told me the clinic was located. Mind you, I actually managed to walk there in 1 1/2 hours even though part of the road was closed due to construction and I had to trust my terrible instincts to find another way to get there using the height of the building being my only guide (it quite literally became my North Star in the daylight). Well, I made it to the street, followed the numbers down and was expecting to see “Professional Building 2” even though all the buildings on the street were residential homes. Yep. Walked up and down the street twice to make sure there was no witchcraft invovlved. I was definitely lost. Sigh. So I went to the hospital ER, found the security guard who told me that the place I was looking for is probably located in a different county and advised me to get a cab. I got into cab which unfortunately smelled of smoke and fast food. The cabdriver started the meter and drove me to the exact same street I had just walked from! I had to explain to him that it was the wrong place, and then spent 5 mins arguing with him while the meter was running. He finally took out his map to look up the other street. Did I mention that the meter is still running?? Sigh. $50 later, I made it to clinic. Its a good thing that the pediatrician I was supposed to be observing was cool about it or I think I might have started to cry. But there you go. It just goes to show that independence is sometimes not a good thing at all to have. Especially when its 90% humidity.



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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