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no do-overs

Well, looks like I may have survived the first half-week of residency. I’ve signed my name more times than I can remember. I’ve also written orders for stuff I don’t really understand. Always rather dangerous and but if you have someone who doesn’t know what she’s doing and always looking to the nurses with big desperate eyes, signing off on whatever the nurse says is your best bet. I’m really hoping that by next week I will have gained enough confidence to actually make decisions. I’m still feeling very much like a medical student and I keep wondering how my senior (a PGY-2) and all the interns I’ve worked with so far manage it. My knowledge base is inadequate. Running around doing ‘scut’ work is the only way I see myself being useful without being dangerous. sigh. The problem with medicine is that there are no do-overs. Unlike other jobs, you can always say “oops! sorry!” and fix it but in medicine, there are very little, if any do-overs. I know I need to start feeling more confident soon and trust in my abilities. But honestly, I don’t quite know how.



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