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computer training

I finally figured out why they put aside a WHOLE day for us to get the computer training stuff. Not only are there several different platforms to get different types of info on 1 patient, they have different usernames and passwords. And none of these programs are very intuitive. I can’t imagine how the attendings deal with it, especially those who aren’t part of the “computer generation”. I mean, I was born in the ‘transitional’ generation where the first computer I got to use was the DOS computer (really really basic stuff) and didnt have email until I went to Junior College. And even then, application to University was still via paper. I was part of the last group to take the MCATs by paper (and I swear probably the only reason why I actually passed and got into medical school). After that, I got stuck with all the computer crap and I’ve been doing really really badly in school every since 😦

Anyway, I’m bored to tears. I figure I’ll probably just pick it up as I go along. Yes yes, bad intern. But seriously, who’s actually going to remember this by Wednesday?!!



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