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50 years really isn’t that much time…

Well, its official. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, fomerly married to the daughter of the King of Rock and Roll, star of The Thriller, former member of the Jackson 5, passed away today in LA. Right before his ‘come back’ tour. The tour that got everyone so excited that tickets were sold out in record time.

The appeal of MJ has spanned several generations. But I will always think of his career being in two separate parts: Motown and the 80s. I think the MJ that my parents listened to and were attracted to were very different from the MJ I listened to when I was a kid (and yes, that too, was a long time ago). I remember the girls in my class being very excited about MJ, obsessed even. One of them is now married and is a lawyer. The Raffles hotel counts him as being one of their more celebrated guests (along with the likes of Her Majesty, the Queen of England).




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