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settling in…

Graduation was a week ago and I moved to Monday. When the plane flew over downtown Chicago before making its way south and over Hyde Park, I sat in the plane and cried. I never believed that I would ever miss Chicago or Hyde Park. Not that my time there was miserable, it just wasn’t as pleasant as Baltimore. My memories of Chicago are rampant with thick coats, freezing hands and slipping on ice. There were pleasant times too…but not as much. That said, leaving Chicago in the summer sucks. Summers in Chicago are very mild. The weather is pleasant and as a result, people are just generally nicer. I probably would not have felt as nostalgic or as sad if I had left in the fall or winter.

The new city has been pleasant so far. I had a car for a week. No accidents! Yay! Still waiting to see if I will receive any tickets for accidental driving violations. As a person who doesn’t really know how to drive, I don’t know if I broke any traffic rules so I’m just going to sit and wait with my fingers crossed. Really hoping that my weekly clinic will take place in a location close to where I live.The New Cityis also very very hot and humid. I feel like I may be back home. Argh. And dress code in the hospital is stricter here. That may pose a problem in the summer. How in the world do you look professional when you are dripping wet with perspiration anyway?

Finally got a new bed too. Forgot how expensive beds are. I sure hope I get to stay in this apartment for the next couple of years. I got the cheapest bed in the store but even then, I could hear my credit card screaming. If I had a truck and lots of muscles I would definitely have gotten a used bed off craigslist but I don’t. So I opted to buy something new if only so it would be delivered!

Anyways, orientation started on Friday. Everyone seems really nice. I’m just really surprised at how quickly cliques form, and how often I seem to be out of them. Perhaps its because I’m too weird? Or perhaps I’m just not outgoing enough. But I already feel a touch of loneliness settling in…But I am determined to make the best of everything here. No more feeling sorry for myself the way I did in the Windy City. This is a fresh start. I will not mess this gig up!



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