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carelessness of youth?

Last night, as I was watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith on FX, the girls returned from whatever senior week activity they were attending with a boy. I’ve seen this boy before. I believe he is spending the year or the semester in London. He’s also a senior. I’m not really sure what the story is but he walked into the apartment with them and then they promptly left. First they went into the kitchen leaving him in the living room with me and then they just left the apartment. I’m guessing to the apartment where the boys are next door. But essentially, he was pretty much abandoned by them. I think he (the boy they abandoned) was locked out of the place he was staying at and was just waiting for his friend to rescue him. But in essence, they pretty much abandoned him. Someone I think is their friend. Or maybe just a boy that they are hanging out with because he has a car and is able to drive them to various places in the city. I don’t really know for sure. I’m just guessing.

Still, I finally left (the show ended) and went back to my room, leaving the boy pretty much sitting alone in the living room. I felt really bad for him. I know the feeling of being abandoned by your ‘friends’. But I didn’t know him well enough to entertain him nor was I in a very entertaining sort of mood. Its not an excuse of course because what I did was not very nice even though I wasn’t the one who invited him into our home and he really wasn’t my responsibility.

Still, I wonder if I ever did that when I was younger. If the ability to simply let a guest sit alone in your apartment while you run off somewhere else is simply a privilage that only the young can enjoy. A friend of mine is coming to attend my graduation. I only found out late last week that he was coming in a day earlier and I did not get him a ticket to the big pre-graduation dinner at the Drake. Still, I went to the OME office to beg them let me add on a last minute guest (which thankfully worked). But there was NO WAY that I would have been able to just let him sit alone in my (really really disgustingly messy) apartment or have dinner alone his first night here. That would have been unacceptable. It would have been completely unacceptable too for me to let someone who is coming for graduation to pay for that dinner or anything else for that matter because they are coming as my guest and to give me some emotional support.Yet, I suspect that the girls probably will have no qualms doing that. And I wonder if this careless attitude is simply a privilage of youth, or perhaps a privilage enjoyed by girls like them. Girls who are young, and pretty, intelligent and who are used to enjoying the undivided of every guy they meet.

They certainly aren’t the first set of attractive roommates I’ve had. In fact, almost every roommate I’ve had has been a lot more attractive than I have been. Whether or not I do that consciously is a mystery to me. But I’ve always enjoyed the drama that they bring only because I get to watch it on the sidelines. There are times I wonder if living with girls who are younger, prettier and so much thinner may eventually cause me to have body image issues since I’ve always been on the heavier side. But so far, I still eat like a pig, am still overweight but not too concerned about it. Ok. So occassionally I give in to a bout of self-pity, but have never really seriously thought about binging on food or turning anorexic. I don’t think I have enough self-control for that at all.  But I have to admit, the level of carelessness exhibited by these girls is new to me and a little more than disconcerting. And I don’t know if its just them or if its just my age revealing itself.



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One thought on “carelessness of youth?

  1. I loved reading all your posts. You are so amazing Jas. Thanks for commenting on my post as well. I’m glad you keep in touch with us. Sounds like your year is going pretty well. We’re doing great here in hawaii. Sanoe’s 3rd year is almost over. I can’t wait. Drop me an email when you have a chance.


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